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Very basic damp investigation cause. Unfortunately my client has been caught by an alleged damp expert surveyor, prior to my survey. Damp issues continued within the property as the root cause wasn’t identified.    

CCTV drain survey finds cause of rising damp

This video shows some basics in regards to damp issues. You can clearly see a cause of rising damp within this Wiltshire property. If you need a survey to find the root cause of rising […]

woodworm causes floor to collapse

Long term woodworm infestation causes floor to collapse.  It would appear this is caused by the lack of sub floor ventilation, or at least where it has been restricted by cavity wall insulation. If you […]

What does an active Deathwatch beetle sound like? 

What does an active Deathwatch beetle sound like? This is a common question I get asked about. Here is the sound a Deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) makes when trying to attract a mate. Prefers European […]

Tips for installing water butts and avoiding damp issues

Water butts are brilliant for saving some water for the garden. I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve actually seen issues like this where they haven’t been installed correctly and issues like this occur. […]


This property in Trowbridge Wiltshire has been suffering from damp issues for a while now. The owner contacted Complete Preservation to get the damp diagnosed initially, and provide a report with the repairs needed. There […]

How to remove plastic paint from a building

It is well documented that modern paints can trap moisture within a wall, and cause subsequent damp issues. We carry out test panels before works commence to give better guidance on prices for the paint […]

Free damp survey… it really free

A classic example of a landlord getting ripped off by one of the local damp proofing cowboys that offers free damp surveys in Wiltshire. You need to make sure that you ask for a survey […]

Data logging of the internal environment for damp issues

I’ve lost count of the amount of surveys where the damp diagnosis has been wrong. Condensation is a major cause of  damp issues, that have often had thousands of pounds thrown at the property in […]

Rising damp, prove it……………..

This is some very basic stuff showing diagrams that visually explain damp issues that just drilling a new damp proof will not solve. It is well documented in BRE Digest 245, BS 6576, BS 5250, […]