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Damp chimney, penetrating damp, salts?

Where we survey and repair many chimneys we come across lots of different situations and hear so many different stories of mis-diagnosed repairs. This one just shows how confusing it can be for the layman……….Old […]

Should a speedy meter-carbide meter be used for quantitative damp diagnosis on site?

This is written as simply as possible, more for the general public to understand, and is to try and educate them on the speedy meter, and how it can – and is used incorrectly. The […]

The damp stains on the chimney breast, is it salt damp or a leak?

Have you got a damp stain on your chimney that you can’t seem to get rid of? Is it hygroscopic salts? Is it a leak? We have seen many cases where roofs have been repaired […]


How to pick the correct damp proofing, timber treatment or basement waterproofing ¬†guarantee. To be fair most of the guarantees are not worth the paper they’re written on! Most of Complete Preservations work is going […]