Deathwatch beetle sound

Have you got suspected Deathwatch beetle activity in your property? Deathwatch beetle can cause severe structural issues, and a survey needs to be carried out to identify potential causes. Please see the below video where […]

What does an active Deathwatch beetle sound like? 

What does an active Deathwatch beetle sound like? This is a common question I get asked about. Here is the sound a Deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) makes when trying to attract a mate. Prefers European […]

Damp proofing, damp proofer, basement waterproofing cowboys!

I thought I would share some images of the cowboys work I come across! The above basement tanking image shows how bad and how low some of them will go. This is a basement that […]

Woodworm and deathwatch beetle treatment

Everyday the phone will ring and at the other end is a client asking about a pre purchase survey for a woodworm infestation. One of the first questions that I get asked is how much […]