Here is a few reasons why it is necessary to choose a qualified Property Care Association basement waterproofing specialist.

As a surveyor I get to look at lots of different types of waterproofing jobs, some of these are new build waterproofing, failed tanking slurry systems and some are failed cavity drainage membrane systems.

We recently received an email enquiry about fixing a leaking basement in Bath. I had a chat with the customer and they explained to me that they had water coming through the floor and wall junction of the cellar, they couldn’t understand what was happening as they only a year ago had a membrane system was installed.

This is how it happened…………….My client has never had a basement waterproofed before so didn’t really know what questions to ask and thought the so called specialist seemed to know his stuff! His 1 page quote said he was going to use a specialist waterproofing membrane and that it was guaranteed for 10 years, as far as they were concerned that was what they were after. Not long after the installation was carried out damp patches were noted at the floor and wall junction but these patches seemed to dry back and they thought it must be condensation until one morning about a year later they came down the stairs and 150mm of water was in front of them. They immediately phoned the specialist and the number was dead…………………

When I entered the basement in Bath I could see straight away the problem was that a cavity drainage membrane system was installed with no drainage, no sumps and pumps and obviously no jetting eyes and they couldn’t even be bothered or didn’t know that they had to put the sealing rope around the fixing plug. I explained that this could never of worked and could only be used to stop damp and not water, obviously they were very upset that a person could rip them off and the fact that they would have to pay to have it hacked off and done again.

What questions should they have asked?

1. Ask them their qualifications, a waterproofing specialist will have the letters CSSW after their name which means a certificated surveyor in structural waterproofing.

2. Are they are a member of the Property Care Association, which is the only trade body that represents skilled tradesmen and specialists who provide services to the structural waterproofing, wood preservation, damp proofing, flood restoration, structural maintenance and most recently invasive weed industries in the UK.

3. Ask them about previous work they have done in your area and if it is possible to see any of these.

4. Ask for a written detailed report with a specification, costing with a drawing of the proposed works.

5. What type of guarantee are they offering? A company guarantee, an insurance backed, product guarantee.

6. How long have they been in the industry?


If you need a waterproofing survey-report  contact Complete Preservation for professional advice.

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