Improve your indoor air quality

Do you need your mould problem fixed? Do you have streaming windows? Do you have mould all over your walls? Complete Preservation of Trowbridge Wiltshire are here to solve your condensation and mould problems forever.

As we improve housing conditions with double glazing and insulation, the air tightness of a property is increased and can lead to condensation problems. Positive input ventilation (PIV) is the UK’s most popular method of low energy whole home ventilation. PIV works by providing continuous supply of fresh filtered air into the home through positive pressurisation, creating an environment in which condensation and mould growth can’t exist. Nuaire’s full range of PIV systems have been refined and adapted so whatever your property type, Nuaire has a solution for you.

Why choose PIV ?

1, Non-disruptive installation makes it an ideal solution for retrofit projects

2, BBA approved , making it compliant with building regulations for new build projects

3, Low power consumption results in running costs of around 2p per day

4, Very low maintenance requirements (replacement filters every 5 years)

5, Keeps moisture and condensation away

6, Improves your indoor air quality, reducing dust mite allergens and provides a healthier living environment

7, This is guaranteed to work, we have personally solved condensation and mould problems using this system. Complete Preservation are specialists in condensation related problems. We have specialist thermal imaging equipment, infra red laser measuring equipment, the latest protimeter hygrometers and we can also carry out data logging of the environment. No other company in our area can carry out this service, which makes us your local experts in solving any condensation, dampness and mould problems.

How the Nuaire positive input ventilation drimaster works

1, Clean fresh air is continuously drawn into the loft space through the loft’s natural leakage points.

2, The air then rises to the highest point, gaining heat energy giving you the benefit of some heat recovery.

3, The air is then passed  through the filters, and is gently fed into the dwelling via a central hallway diffuser.

4, The air then gently pressures the house from the inside out, driving out moisture and condensation.

5, The process creates a clean healthy environment to live in as fresh air replaces the stale air.

Dust mites breed in the humid environment found in homes that are poorly ventilated. Clinical evidence suggests that exposure to high concentrations of allergens associated with the house dust mite over a prolonged period can trigger allergic symptoms such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis and eczema. Repeated exposure to these allergens can lead to asthma. The severity of the asthma intensifies when the humidity, house dust mites and mould levels are increased. Clinical research has proven that whole house ventilation can play a significant part in controlling dust mite allergens.


So if you’re looking to buy a Drimaster 2000, Drimaster 365, Flatmaster 2000 positive input ventilation (PIV) system and to get it installed by a professional contact Complete Preservation of Wiltshire. We cover the whole of the South West which includes Wiltshire, Somerset, Devizes, Frome, Chippenham, Swindon, Marlborough, Trowbridge, Midsomer Norton, Shepton Mallet, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cirencester, Yeovil.

We also offer full mould treatment to your property

Please click on the link below to our main website to see all about Complete Preservation and how we can help you

Complete Preservation also supply and install the Nuaire range of extraction fans.

These are the Genie type and we are also installing the NEW Nuaire Cyfan. This fan is going to blow all other fans away!!! This is why.

1, No tenant intervention

2,Daily run monitor

3, Filterless technology

4,Fully adjustable set points up to 60 litres per second

5, Monitors relative humidity

6, Slow ramp on boost

7, Virtually silent running

8, Compact unit, it’s the smallest on the market

9, Very low running costs

10, Available in 230v or 12v

11, They can also be semi-recessed in the ceilings and walls

Please click on the link below to our main website to see all about Complete Preservation and how we can help you

If you require Positive input ventilation or heat recovery in Cornwall please contact

Mike Rogers at South West Ventilation

08005 999 269

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  1. Hi Ross,

    Thanks for linking me through to this. You are not wrong in all that you’ve said about the features of PIV. It is such a simple, cost effective answer to an age old problem.

    It won’t be long before everyone in the South West wants one!

    Best wishes,


    South West Ventilation


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