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The above designs are of a typical basement waterproofing installation, sometimes these will need to be modified due to site conditions. When we carry out a survey we will bring pictures of examples of different site conditions and explain our process in changing the design.

The below drawing shows what one of our basement sketch plans look like of a typical basement-cellar tanking-waterproofing in Bath. It should be clear showing where everything is going, and the detailing design. The report should state what works the customer is to do prior to Complete Preservations arrival on site, what work Complete Preservation are doing and also what work the customer is to do after. This way everybody knows exactly where they stand and knows exactly what works are to be carried out and when.


basement and cellar survey drawings, waterproofing pictures of basements and cellars,basement and cellar specialist bath, wiltshire, bristol, swindon, frome, devizes, chippenham, trowbridge,malmesbury



DAMP PROOFING BATH, BASEMENT CONVERSIONS BATH, WILTSHIRE                                                                                                                            The above drawing shows a typical basement waterproofing design that we see that doesn’t really comply with BS8102:2009. Lots of companies install the 20mm flooring membrane directly on the slab as its quicker and cheaper. When free lime, or debris build up under the membrane it can’t be cleaned out and it then doesn’t become a maintainable system.Contact us if your basement-cellar is damp or flooded and needs waterproofing, we can carry out the complete basement conversion and offer a GPI true insurance backed guarantee for all of our work for complete peace of mind.

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