We are specialists in searching for dry rot using our building surveying skills, we also have a wide range of cameras to get in hard to reach areas.

We now have a new tool with legs…..

Meg the dry rot search dog

This is Meg the dry rot search dog, she has a better nose than me and can sniff dry rot out in seconds, Meg was used in 2 surveys yesterday and the clients couldn’t believe what they were seeing. There was visible dry rot in a couple of places what Meg picked up straight away and there was couple of places where it was hidden, she found these straight away to, on lifting the floor boards a cave a dry rot was visible! And her only reward was her ball on a string….she’s a cheap date!

The best thing about using a dry rot search dog is for non destructive surveys, this could be pre-purchase surveys or planned checks on large buildings where a dog can be used to sweep over a large area or lots of rooms. We have been working with Meg for a while now and sending samples away for her handler to keep up with her training, she’s a beautiful dog and looks just like my first pet dog Betsy. We can offer a dry rot survey with Meg and we can also bring our thermal imaging camera looking for leaks in buildings that aren’t visible, this is a unique service as Meg is one of a couple of dry rot search dogs in the UK.

Here is a link to youtube to showing Meg in action searching for dry rot, she is the first ever dog on youtube searching for dry rot…she deserves to be famous 🙂


Look at the dry rot Meg found

Dry rot surveys with a dog

Dry rot surveys with a dog

Dry rot surveys

Dry rot surveys

Meg the dry rot search dog

Meg the dry rot search dog

You can contact Complete Preservation to book a dry rot survey-investigation on our main website www.completepreservation.co.uk

Meg is sponsored by Ruffwear UK,  the leading the place for performance dog wear www.ruffwear.co.uk


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