The Property Care Association is the trade body for:

  • Damp proofing and diagnosis
  • Condensation
  • Timber decay and insect attack
  • Dampness and water penetration in basements
  • Flood water recovery and flood protection
  • Structural defects
  • Invasive weed control

Complete Preservation are proud members of the Property Care Association and our membership number is 5678. Did you know there are only 350 qualified damp and timber companies that are members of the Property Care Association in the UK out of the thousands of so called damp and timber specialists!

  • Why don’t they become members?
  • They have never sat the exams, that means they have NO QUALIFICATIONS!
  • They wouldn’t pass the initial technical audit
  • Training records for Technicians and competence
  • Most companies Technicians don’t even have any qualifications!
  • Site visits, demonstrating technicians skills and experience and that codes of practice are being followed
  • Probably can’t produce a detailed report with specifications
  • Health and safety – COSHH documentation, probably don’t know the regulations
  • Account verifications by the PCA
  • How long they have been trading, probably not long enough to be members
  • Do they have the correct insurance if they have any
  • Be able to offer Insurance backed Guarantees
  • They can’t offer deposit protection

The above tells you why most of the cowboys can’t get membership

This is the reason there is so much poor diagnosis and the guarantees that are offered are not true Insurance backed guarantees by the GPI.

Who do you go to if you have a guarantee and a failed damp proofing system? The chemical companies will not kick out the company they sell the chemicals to, alls they want is the money. If you have a problem with a PCA member they have to co-operate with the complaints procedure or they will no longer be able to have membership!

Here is a link to our main website

Here is a link to the Property Care Association


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