Thermal imaging is a great way to see building defects, this is done by the ever so slightly different temperatures. This year has been our busiest year with thermal imaging surveys because of the bad weather, we were carrying out surveys for leak detection, storm damage and helping insurance companies find the actual problem. We have had great feedback from customers as they can put trust in us to do the necessary repairs as they can actually see the problem on the screen. All of reports contain the thermal images and picture in picture if necessary to define the area in question. All of our surveys are carried out with the Flir T600, this is a high end camera offering superior images compared to low end cameras. Our surveyor Ross Charters is a fully qualified certified level 1 Infrared Thermographer.

Have a look at the pictures below and it will give you an idea of the range of services we can offer.





This a thermal image of a timber frame, the cruck, you would never of known this building was timber frame because of the external render.


Heat loss and missing insulation in the walls. This is a great way and the only real way to check if the insulation was installed correctly.


This shows a timber frame again and the lath and plaster, you can check the construction of the timber frame.



This shows the wire for the light on the wall  running off at an angle

Contact Complete Preservation of Trowbridge for a thermal imaging survey in Wiltshire and Somerset

For a thermal imaging survey in Leeds, York, Sheffield contact  Bryan Hindle who is a building preservation expert and qualified thermal imager



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