If you have had a flood or a burst pipe we can help.

We offer leak detection using thermal imaging cameras, listening sticks, along with boroscope inspections of cavity and sub floor voids.

Leak detection using thermal imaging in a Wiltshire property using thermal imaging, this showed the exact location, so only one piece of oak flooring was needed to be removed.


We can carry out the strip out and the drying of the building using specialist dehumidifiers along with air movers. We will monitor the building during drying down and will produce graphed data showing the building drying down, and a drying certificate at the end.

Data logging equipment, that we use to produce our graphs.

lime website pictures data logging

We can also offer full re-instatement works to include kitchens, bathrooms and final decoration.

We also offer this service when there is a dry rot outbreak, it is always recommended that rapid drying of the area is carried out before any preservation on re-instatement works are carried out.

We can also dry down cavity walls that have suffered severe penetrating dampness, along with external waterproofing solutions.

We also offer laboratory analysis of mortar/plaster samples to see if hygroscopic salts are the reason why there is still a dampness problem during drying (BRE DIGEST 245).

Our water restoration training was carried out at the National Flood School, IIRC Water Restoration Technician (WRT).



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