Complete Preservation offer design, install, commissioning, and servicing of MVHR units across the South West.

We offer solutions to Housing Associations and Councils, as well as home owners.

We also carry out surveys looking for defects along with guidance on rectification of non-compliant systems.

We offer expert advice on condensation, mould and all ventilation issues. We regularly survey for Housing Associations, Local Councils, landlords, and home owners. Our surveys can include thermal imaging by our qualified level 1 Thermographer, ventilation surveys, full building data logging along with surface temperature data logging, co2 data logging also. We can also provide specialist graphing showing before, and after commissioning, or defective installation providing poor indoor air quality.

All of our testing and commissioning is carried out with a calibrated Observator Diff, rather than vane anemometers. Developed by Observator Instrument B.V. for the automatic measurement of air volume from supply and extract terminals, this instrument has a built in fan and pressure compensation facility that ensures minimum errors during use. Designed to be self-adjusting for supply and extract systems, the instrument automatically detects the direction of flow allowing the 250mm square aperture to be placed securely over the grille. The adjustable display arms not only allows flexible operation it enables the system to be read from almost any angle.

 Our installations comply with Approved Document F, and the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide

 Our surveyors and installers are BPEC qualified in domestic ventilation systems.

Our surveyor Ross Charters CSSW CSRT is also a member of the  Residential Ventilation Group, this has been set up by The Property Care Association. He has also attended the Residential Ventilation Masterclass, provided by the Property Care Association.

We can supply and install on new build and also where old units need to be replaced. A continuously running Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system simultaneously extracts air from “wet” rooms while supplying fresh, filtered air to the “habitable” rooms in a home. MVHR is widely recognised as the very best method of ventilating modern new build or re-furbished, energy efficient homes.

Quick Facts about MVHR
Ultra quiet
Exceptionally good indoor air quality
Heat and coolth recovery
Highly flexible
Various control options

We mainly work with:

Nuaire MVHR


The new MRXBOX95-LP1 offers the lowest specific fan power of any low-profile void-mounted MVHR system available. Specifically designed to fit easily into apartments with ceiling void restrictions where space is at a premium, this space-saving MVHR system will free-up valuable storage space and give designers greater flexibility due to its very low-depth – just 200mm.


When it comes to meeting your budget and building requirements, the new MRXBOX95-WM2 is our most cost-effective MVHR solution for medium-sized properties. Designed specifically for medium-sized new build houses and apartments, the high performance system offers low Specific Fan Power (SFP), helping you achieve a high SAP score and meet current building regulations.


Nuaire has launched the Q-Aire range to offer a superior quality of ventilation to new build homes. Having won House Builder Products Awards 2014, Nuaire remains at the top of the residential ventilation solutions game and this can be seen in the innovative direction the Q-Aire range has taken within the British new build market. The range consists of the Q-Aire Carbon Filter, Q-Aire Acoustic enclosure (AE), Q-Aire 1Z and finally the Q-Aire Supply & Extract Valves.


Boost your SAP score with the high efficiency, low energy MVHR from Nuaire. Amongst our residential ventilation solutions range, this popular MVHR system offers high performance ventilation with up to 95% heat exchange efficiency. Powerful yet compact, the MRXBOX95-WM1 can be mounted in a cupboard or on a wall and provides low-energy ventilation for small to medium sized houses and apartments.


The MRXBOX95AB-WM1 has all the attributes of the high quality MRXBOX95-WM1, but also features an automatic summer bypass fitted as standard, as well as the ability to commission the supply and extract fans independently on both minimum and maximum speeds. This allows the unit to provide the perfect ventilation for the environment in which it is placed. This is a medium duty MVHR unit, ideal for small to medium sized houses and apartments. It is compact, low profile and simple to install, providing the perfect solution for a wide range of properties.


VIGO 200 Continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

VIGO 350 Continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

VIGO 400 Continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

VIGO 550 Continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Heatrae Sadia

HRU Eco 4

The HRU ECO 4 ensures year-round comfort and low energy bills to occupants of the modern airtight home. While removing contaminated wet air from kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms, the unit simultaneously introduces fresh preheated air to other rooms in the home.

The HRU ECO 4 diverts up to 91% of heat from the air leaving the building into the incoming supply. A 100% summer bypass valve prevents unwanted heat entering the home on hotter days, while, at the other end of the temperature gauge, a frost protection device prevents the unit from freezing. Suitable for homes with up to 175 square metres of floor space, the HRU ECO 4 uses less energy than intermittent fans.

Defective MVHR, and non serviced units can put occupants at risk of poor indoor air quality and subsequent health issues.

 Water running through ducting of a defective MVHR installation

 New build ducting, obviously non-compliant

 New build ducting, again non-compliant

 Ducting surveys that are recorded with our specialist camera equipment, looking for defects.

Why not drop by (by appointment only) and check out our ventilation systems in our training room.

Contact Complete Preservation of Trowbridge Wiltshire on 01225 769215 to have a friendly chat about your requirements, or to book a survey.

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