This property in Trowbridge Wiltshire has been suffering from damp issues for a while now. The owner contacted Complete Preservation to get the damp diagnosed initially, and provide a report with the repairs needed. There were many issues as to why there was a penetrating damp issue which we rectified. We removed cement render, and replaced this with a lime putty render. We removed worn pointing, and replaced this with lime putty pointing. We removed rotten timber lintels, and replaced these. We removed the blistered modern masonry paint, with our ThermaTech super heated hot water system, and the customer lime washed all of the walls. This video shows a damp survey to try and identify long term rising damp issues, as now the property is starting to dry down after a year, the internal work is going to get started.

You will see in this video the importance of a CCTV drain survey to at least try and eliminate any potential cause of rising damp. If you need to have a damp problem resolved, and sources identified we offer CCTV drain surveys, quantitative damp diagnosis following BRE DIGEST 245, and also have an array of high end surveying equipment from Thermal cameras, acoustic leak detection, aerial cameras, real time data loggers etc.

Posted by Complete Preservation


  1. I would need this type of survey carried out please in Frome please. Do you cover this area? I’ve spent thousands on damp proofing works and it is all still damp even in the summer months. The firm have refused to come back and fix it because they say the work was done correctly, and it’s the building that has other issues. I’m fed up and just need professional help, and I’m more than happy to pay for a survey to get this fixed.


    1. Hi Spencer.
      I do cover Frome in Somerset for cctv drain, and damp surveys. Please email with your contact details on and we can discuss the correct survey and costs.


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