A very common cause of rising damp within a property is bridging of the dpc, or also known as bridging of the damp proof course. I often find properties have had a chemical damp proof course injected many times, and previously damp surveyors have failed to eliminate the basics, in regards to the root cause of rising damp.

When there is a damp issues at the base of the wall it can be complicated, in the fact that you have to eliminate all potential causes before coming to a conclusion. Please don’t forget you can get damp on in internal dividing wall, caused by a bridged damp proof course also.

The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is employing a surveyor that isn’t capable of giving the correct diagnosis. By this I mean, they need to have a certain amount of equipment in order to facilitate the survey initially, along with eliminating all potential defects in regards to what is recommended in BS 6576. This video goes through the basics, and it could potentially save you a chunk of money…. This video will also tell you the questions you will need to ask a damp surveyor prior to survey. If you need and Independent damp survey please contact me for further advice enquiries@completepreservation.co.uk

Have you had a CCTV drain survey? This is the most common cause of rising damp issues, especially to traditional and heritage buildings. If you need a CCTV drain survey as part of your damp investigation, give me a shout.

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