How to remove plastic paint from a building

It is well documented that modern paints can trap moisture within a wall, and cause subsequent damp issues. We carry out test panels before works commence to give better guidance on prices for the paint […]

Free damp survey… it really free

A classic example of a landlord getting ripped off by one of the local damp proofing cowboys that offers free damp surveys in Wiltshire. You need to make sure that you ask for a survey […]

Data logging of the internal environment for damp issues

I’ve lost count of the amount of surveys where the damp diagnosis has been wrong. Condensation is a major cause of  damp issues, that have often had thousands of pounds thrown at the property in […]

Rising damp, prove it……………..

This is some very basic stuff showing diagrams that visually explain damp issues that just drilling a new damp proof will not solve. It is well documented in BRE Digest 245, BS 6576, BS 5250, […]


SOME OBSERVATIONS OF THE SPAB RESEARCH REPORT 2. THE SPAB BUILDING       PERFORMANCE SURVEY 2016 INTERIM REPORT: 2017 Introduction: The report ‘The SPAB Building Performance Survey 2016 Interim Report: 2017’ was first made […]


INTRODUCTION: The published Research Report [‘Report’] is based initially on data obtained in the laboratory concerning air movement in cavities. Whilst it is appreciated that the report may be interim, there appears to be an […]

An interesting damp survey that involved magnesite flooring

I recently had an enquiry regarding a small puddle on a hallway floor, which was presumed to be a penetrating damp issue. On quizzing my client it was also noted that this was mainly observed […]


Complete Preservation offer design, install, commissioning, and servicing of MVHR units across the South West. We offer solutions to Housing Associations and Councils, as well as home owners. We also carry out surveys looking for defects […]

Do I need a damp proof course, or is it a condensation issue?

I was recently asked to survey a property that had dampness issues internally. I was informed that a ‘damp specialist’ had already visited the property, and had diagnosed rising damp issues and recommended a chemical […]

Rising damp and dry rot survey, of West Ashton Church in Wiltshire

Complete Preservation received an instruction from a previous client who is a member of St John’s Church West Ashton Wiltshire, to find out why the walls are suffering from damp issues and the timber floor […]