Suspected rising damp on a cavity wall

I’ve lost count of the amount of cavity walls we have actually cleared of debris. Any building that is cavity wall construction and has low level dampness that isn’t condensation related could possibly have bridging […]

Dryrod damp proofing system

Complete Preservation have been installing Safeguards Dryrod system for a local authority lately. Some of the jobs we have recently carried out are more modern cavity wall construction types, when the property has been re-modelled […]

Why is there a damp patch and staining on my chimney breast?

Complete Preservation are specialists when it comes to chimney dampness investigations, when I say this it’s because it’s what we do every week. We follow ‘damp specialists’ around, roofers, builders the lot. Chimney dampness is […]

Another Nuaire Drimaster positive input ventilation review of an installation

I was recently called out to a property that has damp issues that nobody can seem to get to the bottom of. The reported history is damp proofing was previously carried out has gone wrong, […]

How to install a positive input ventilation system-piv

This is a short post on why it is necessary to get a positive input ventilation system installed professionally. There is an actual qualification in ventilation, it’s a Bpec – Domestic Ventilation Systems, I have […]

Suspended timber floor surveys

Suspended timber floors are very difficult to survey on a pre purchase survey if the surveyor isn’t able to lift any floorboards to inspect the sub floor. Lots of properties now have laminate floor coverings […]

Nuaire Drimaster Positive input ventilation reviews

This is a little case study review of a Nuaire Drimaster positive input ventilation system, why it didn’t work and there continued to be a condensation and mould problem. First of all I was told […]

Aerial photography

To find out the real cause of a dampness issues sometimes you need some modern technology, I often find when carrying out surveys there could be an issue with guttering or chimneys and help is […]

Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings by SPAB

The Property Care Association have a new training day that is carried out by the SPAB. This is held at the new training centre, where all the practical sessions are now held. The SPAB (The […]

Flood restoration

If you have had a flood or a burst pipe we can help. We offer leak detection using thermal imaging cameras, listening sticks, along with boroscope inspections of cavity and sub floor voids. Leak detection […]