Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings by SPAB

The Property Care Association have a new training day that is carried out by the SPAB. This is held at the new training centre, where all the practical sessions are now held. The SPAB (The […]

Flood restoration

If you have had a flood or a burst pipe we can help. We offer leak detection using thermal imaging cameras, listening sticks, along with boroscope inspections of cavity and sub floor voids. Leak detection […]

A survey to BRE Digest 245, rising damp in walls diagnosis and treatment

Ross Charters of Complete Preservation was asked to give a presentation to 200 members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) at the Wessex Briefing. He was asked by Geoff Hunt who was Chair […]

It’s not a leak, its not rising damp….it’s condensation!

We have just carried  out  a damp survey for a national building company that builds housing estates. The company will not be named, what I will say is in there defence they chucked money at […]

Pre purchase damp and timber survey reports

I have to write this report as I have seen an alarming rate of problems lately with reference  to pre purchase damp and timber surveys. If you have recently had a home buyers survey or a […]

Independent damp specialist consultant

Our surveyor Ross Charters also offers his services as an independent damp and timber specialist consultant. Customers are offered to take advantage of our surveyors vast experience in damp and timber defects where we can carry […]


Rising damp is a myth…You may think so if you read the book, now read this and decide!

A REVIEW OF JEFF HOWELL’S BOOK ‘THE RISING DAMP MYTH’ From ‘The Rising Damp Myth’ by Jeff Howell “For the fact that rising damp is a mythical building defect, which only came to widespread prominence […]

Dry rot and damp survey of Devizes Castle Wiltshire

Complete Preservation love a listed building especially when it’s trying to solve damp and timber problems. Complete Preservation are the managers of Devizes Castle,  it is essential that we follow a programme of maintenance, simply […]

Damp and dry rot survey of Bath Abbey

Complete Preservation were instructed to carry out a damp and dry rot survey of Bath Abbey using thermal imaging and dry rot search dogs. Charles Curnock and Sarah Jermyn from Bath Abbey are forward thinking, and when […]

Condensation and mould

September to April is regarded as the condensation season, condensation and mould related problems are a very common problem that seem to go on and on in some properties, most of the problems I come […]