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Have you got a damp stain on your chimney that you can’t seem to get rid of?

We have seen many cases where roofs have been repaired around chimneys a number of times and the other roofer-builder has said the other company didn’t do the lead work correctly, roof repairs, chimney repairs or the pointing etc etc and then they still have a damp stain on the internal chimney breast again and again.

Recently I went to carry out a damp survey in Wiltshire, they had literally given up, this is how the story goes……. My client purchased a property 6 years ago, it was noted by the surveyor before purchase that the internal chimney breast had staining and the chimney probably needed small pointing works and further investigation was necessary. This work was carried out after they purchased the property in the summer and was decorated, a few months…

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  1. Claire pearce August 2, 2020 at 07:16

    Thanks for posting this article, and the other ones relating to damp chimneys!!! We have damp issues with ours at ground and first floor. We have spent thousands with architects, chartered surveyors, damp experts, roofers, and builders, and still comes back. From reading your articles I now know that I need samples taken, is this correct? Do you cover Bristol also? Thanks Claire


    1. Sorry to hear this Claire. Unfortunately many people claim to understand damp with chimneys, and happy to take peoples money without confirming by data, the actual cause. Anybody that has a damp chimney really should be having plaster sampling following BRE DIGEST 245, otherwise the diagnosis is just an opinion. These opinions are just an opinion, not backed up by data. I do cover Bristol for all types of damp surveys. Please email your details enquiries@completepreservation.co.uk and I will ring you to discuss


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