To find out the real cause of a dampness issues sometimes you need some modern technology, I often find when carrying out surveys there could be an issue with guttering or chimneys and help is needed, in an ideal world I would finish a survey and the heavens would open and I would then be able to see all defects…..unfortunately this never happens!!!

We use a telescopic pole with a fitted a camera attached this allows me to reach at around 11m in height, this is normally sufficient to gain access to most residential building defects.

I find this is an excellent aid to my surveys and also differentiates us from other damp specialists as we actually try and find the cause of the dampness issue.

If you are considering buying a new property aerial photos are also necessary in my opinion as there are often so many hidden defects that need to costed and possibly rectified before you commit to buying the property, as this can be very expensive!

Below are some pictures that show what we can offer, especially to chimney and roof surveys.

Below is a picture of a blocked valley on a three storey building, this was a pre purchase damp survey in Marlborough Wiltshire.

Below is a aerial photo of a property in Marlborough where they had dampness issues related to roof defects

Below is an aerial picture of a chimney that we had to survey for dampness issues in Trowbridge Wiltshire related to chimney hygroscopic salts, we had to check the chimney for defects along with taking samples of the plaster to find out the actual cause of the problem to offer the correct long term repair

This is a close up of the chimney

Another close up picture of the chimney

Another close up picture of the chimney

The property below had aerial photos taken as part of a rising and penetrating damp survey in Trowbridge Wiltshire.


As you can see this three storey building would prove difficult to survey, this was no problem for us and showed the valley was  blocked and needed clearing asap.

 Just a close up of a chimney, investigating dampness issues

Safe inspection of a guttering system, on a pre purchase damp and timber survey in Salisbury.


Blocked guttering was the cause of the penetrating dampness issue to this property in Warminster Wiltshire, this was picked up on a pre purchase survey.

Aerial picture of a flat roof of a property I had to survey for potential rising damp, penetrating damp in Warminster Wiltshire.


Investigating rising and penetrating dampness problems on a pre purchase survey in Trowbridge Wiltshire, this would have been impossible for me to see any defects without the aid of my telescopic camera.

Complete Preservation are based in Wiltshire, we carry out our surveys across the South West, you can contact us on 01225 769215 or email










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