RICS Joint Damp methodology Investigation of moisture and its effects in traditional buildings

Sympathetic damp solutions are necessary on a property like this. This is promoted in the new joint damp methodology by RICS, Historic England, SPAB, PCA & in my opinion in the below video you can […]

Investigation of moisture and its effects in traditional buildings joint damp methodology

Investigation of Moisture and its effects in Traditional Buildings This Document is currently a working draft. Further amendments are possible before the process of drafting is completed. The organisations that have collaborated to create the […]

Ground penetrating radar survey, to find hidden drainage

Ground penetrating radar is the easiest way of finding hidden land drains, culverts, French drains, wells, basements, cellars and vaults. Defective land drains and blocked culverts, can cause ponding around your building, and can be […]

Rising damp caused by bridging, and concrete along with roots in drain

Every damp survey should be an investigation into the cause before any form of repair is specified. If you don’t know the cause then how can you specify a repair? This short video takes you […]

Very Expensive Damp Repair

It isn’t unusual for a property to be suffering from visible rising damp symptoms. Unfortunately it isn’t unusual for some surveyors to not follow the recommend guidance in BS 6576, and eliminate all potential causes […]

GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar

Gpr is probably known by the layperson where Time Team are using it in regards to archaeology. I never even thought of this until last year when chatting to a client who is an archaeologist […]

Strange horrible smell in house case study

Does you house have a strange smell? This video might be able to help you perhaps identify the problem yourself. I often receive calls from homeowners that have issues with damp and bad smelling odours. […]

Bridged dpc – bridging of damp proof course

A very common cause of rising damp within a property is bridging of the dpc, or also known as bridging of the damp proof course. I often find properties have had a chemical damp proof […]

Soak away causes rising damp symptons

Many people that own a property have never had their drains inspected. Some don’t know if they have a soakaway or not. Whilst it is well documented about drains, can be a cause of damp […]

More sub floor ventilation?

Have you been told you need to increase the ventilation under your suspended timber floor? Do you have dry rot or wet rot issues? Have you had a recent survey that has noted a springy […]