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More sub floor ventilation?

Have you been told you need to increase the ventilation under your suspended timber floor? Do you have dry rot or wet rot issues? Have you had a recent survey that has noted a springy […]

French drains – should you install one?

These are often specified to try and stop rising damp issues. I often find French drains full up with roots, silt, and generally causing more of an issue. How to install a French drain? Do […]

Is your damp proof course bridged?

This is such a common problem, but there can be a number of causes. You need to make sure when you instruct your damp surveyor, that you ask specific questions. In this video, I go […]

CCTV drain survey Wiltshire

Sub floor ventilation

I often come across properties that need additional sub floor ventilation. It is quite common for a building surveyor on a pre purchase survey to note the lack of sub floor ventilation, and recommend more […]

Woodworm causes floor to collapse

Woodworm can easily cause structural damage to timbers if isn’t dealt with in time.In this instance you can see woodworm has destroyed the floorboards with a very heavy infestation. The floorboards were beyond treatment and […]

Deathwatch beetle sound

Have you got suspected Deathwatch beetle activity in your property? Deathwatch beetle can cause severe structural issues, and a survey needs to be carried out to identify potential causes. Please see the below video where […]

Rising damp survey

This gives you an understanding of how a damp survey that is carried out by us on this Grade 2 Listed building. Aerial photos play a massive part in our surveys, along with CCTV inspection […]

Sub floor timber decay?

This video shows you how i’ve gone about identifying root causes of damp issues to this suspended timber floor. As you can see there is a serious amount of timber decay and active woodworm within […]

How to lower high external ground levels

This one minute video will give you a demonstration of how we lower high ground levels that cause rising damp issues. We carry out the damp survey to determine if plaster needs replacing by using […]

Cavity wall insulation causes floor to collapse

In this video you can clearly see that cavity wall insulation has restricted/blocked the sub floor ventilation and caused the floor to collapse because of extensive timber decay. If you have cavity wall insulation in […]