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Damp investigation of a Grade 1 Listed building

Finding the root cause of rising damp symptoms is imperative especially when dealing with stunning old listed buildings like this Church. With over 20 years experience in building pathology, and having the latest equipment when […]

Can ground penetrating radar find a basement or cellar

People that own an old house have a fascination of whether they have a filled in basement or vault under the floor of the property. Obviously you could search through any old records or pictures, […]

How to lower high ground levels to stop rising damp

Have you got high external ground levels? Is your path bridging your damp proof course? Have you got rising damp, and been told you need to treat the damp with a chemical damp proof course? […]

CCTV drain survey of a 200 year old culvert on a Grade 2 Listed Building

Grade 2 listed building damp investigation, finding out why the building has damp issues. Well old buildings normally have old drains, that can have a few defects. Old drains and damp go hand in hand […]

Independent damp survey Wiltshire

It’s really important that a thorough damp investigation into the root cause before specifying repairs. Whilst this particular drain defect isn’t that common, this is something I have come across previously a few times. The […]

Knapen porous tubes…. waste of money?

Knapen damp proofing system are often found in buildings at low level to try and resolve rising damp issues. You will probably find you still have a damp issue, even though the knapen system has […]

RICS Joint Damp methodology Investigation of moisture and its effects in traditional buildings

Sympathetic damp solutions are necessary on a property like this. This is promoted in the new joint damp methodology by RICS, Historic England, SPAB, PCA & in my opinion in the below video you can […]

Investigation of moisture and its effects in traditional buildings joint damp methodology

Investigation of Moisture and its effects in Traditional Buildings This Document is currently a working draft. Further amendments are possible before the process of drafting is completed. The organisations that have collaborated to create the […]

Ground penetrating radar survey, to find hidden drainage

Ground penetrating radar is the easiest way of finding hidden land drains, culverts, French drains, wells, basements, cellars and vaults. Defective land drains and blocked culverts, can cause ponding around your building, and can be […]

Rising damp caused by bridging, and concrete along with roots in drain

Every damp survey should be an investigation into the cause before any form of repair is specified. If you don’t know the cause then how can you specify a repair? This short video takes you […]