Ground penetrating radar is the easiest way of finding hidden land drains, culverts, French drains, wells, basements, cellars and vaults. Defective land drains and blocked culverts, can cause ponding around your building, and can be a cause of rising damp. Because these are hidden below the ground, it can be very difficult to locate these. A ground penetrating radar survey (gpr survey), should easily locate these, and these can be confirmed as a cause of damp issues, or eliminated from the damp investigation.

This video shows a ground penetrating radar survey in action, along with a CCTV drain survey images. Mapping of all these hidden defects has found the issues that contribute to damp issues.

Ground penetrating radar survey costs can vary depending on many things. I offer cheap gpr surveys, simply because these are a bolt on to existing parts of the damp investigation. As you can imagine if im already at the property it will be cheaper than travelling just to carry this out.

If you need a thorough damp investigation, give me a shout. Please note I don’t offer free damp surveys though. or contact the office on 01225 769215

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  1. Great video and article from you on this Ross. Your really are a groundbreaking damp diagnosis expert!


    1. Thanks for the kind comments Bryan…. it’s certainly proving to be an investment bud 🙂


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