People that own an old house have a fascination of whether they have a filled in basement or vault under the floor of the property. Obviously you could search through any old records or pictures, perhaps you could have a dig around the property on the external walls and see if this throws up a clue, like an old vent being visible. The quickest and fastest way is to use ground penetrating radar, as this method is very accurate. I normally carry out my gpr surveys to locate below ground services, hidden drainage, sub soil drainage, land drains, bodged up French drains, culverts, wells, cisterns. In this video I demonstrate what im looking at when surveying over a crypt.

Can ground penetrating radar find a vault, basement, well, culvert, drain, cistern, land drain, French drain…..of course it can. Watch the video and I explain what I can see.

Posted by Complete Preservation

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