Everyday the phone will ring and at the other end is a client asking about a pre purchase survey for a woodworm infestation. One of the first questions that I get asked is how much does the woodworm treatment  cost? Is it thousands? The word woodworm infestation sounds scary and expensive when it is mentioned in a survey report! The treatment cost depends on the size of the property and what type of woodworm treatment is needed, deathwatch beetle  (Xestobium rufovillosum) treatment requires more expensive targeted treatment using insecticidal/fungicidal gels and pastes to eradicate deep seated larvae. Treatment of the common furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum) is the cheaper infestation to treat normally and this mainly consists of surface sprayed treatments which envelope the timbers with a micro emulsion contact insecticide. It is imperative that timbers are kept dry, by means of roof ventilation and sub-floor ventilation, all built in bearing end timbers need to be kept dry as possible, all external pointing and defects should be rectified to provide a long term solution.

What type of infestation?

Woodworm is a generic name for a beetle infestation/ wood boring insects, there are four that mainly pop up on our surveys.

Deathwatch beetle, Xestobium Rufovillosum

The Common Furniture Beetle, Anobium Punctatum

Wood boring Weevil, Penarthrum Huttoni and Euphryum Confine

The Lyctus Powderpost Beetle, Lyctus Brunneus

The identification of the woodworm infestation is important, and also just as important is the infestation  active?

How to tell if the infestation is  active

First of all look at the timbers in question and look for signs of bore dust, this is the dust from the emerging adult woodworm.

Who do you get to carry out the woodworm treatments?

It is advisable to use a qualified company that are members of the Property Care Association, there are many people that claim to be “woodworm specialists” that have no qualifications and are associated with a chemical company that supplies them with chemicals. Some of these “woodworm specialists” have been known to try and treat a whole house with garden sprayers. We use specialist pumped spraying equipment with adjustable lances and extensions to get to all the hard to reach places and to ensure the timbers are treated to the correct specification.

Timber treatment

If you need a survey for woodworm or deathwatch beetle contact Complete Preservation and we will identify the infestation, if it’s active and what type of treatment is needed so we can offer a long term guarantee for the problem.

We cover Trowbridge, Bath, Frome, Devizes, Chippenham, Marlborough, Malmesbury, Calne, Bradford On Avon, Salisbury, Gloucester, Midsomer Norton, Warminster, Swindon, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Hampshire, the whole of the South West.

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