A dry rot survey of Bath Abbey with Enviro dogs

Dry Rot Search Dog Blog

We were recently requested to assist with a preventative maintenance survey at Bath Abbey. Our role on this was to provide a dry rot search dog and handler to search the areas that can not be seen or accessed by traditional means.  We worked alongside Complete Preservation who were carrying out the traditional survey.


IMG_20140818_115413 Ross Charters from Complete Preservation with our dry rot search dog, Meg.

We were able to search the timbers in the void between the stone fan vaulted ceiling that you see from inside the Abbey interior and the lead roof that you see from the exterior. This roof section dates back to 1874.

IMG_20140815_162549 Meg is lowered into the roof void. IMG_20140818_115410 The small roof void was barely big enough to crawl through. This did not pose a problem for the dog.

Inside the Abbey we were able to search all the other areas with timber. Thanks…

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